Necessary Qualities for Leaders
Necessary Qualities
Our Strategy
We need to develop leaders with the following qualities to have a positive influence on our society.

  1. Good Personal Character
Who and what a person is, stems from what they believe. It is not enough to espouse good beliefs; one’s life must first reflect good personal character. Good Personal Character includes: Integrity, Dependability and Strong Ethics.

  1. Belief & Dependence on the Divine God
Leaders must recognize the fallen state of man and his imperfections and the necessity of help from the Divine God for man to reach his full potential.

  1. Love for Our Country
Leaders need a Commitment to the original intent of Our Founding Fathers & the documents they drafted such as; The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. They must believe the best government is Limited Government, answerable to the people at all levels. Leaders must honor our history as it happened, not rewrite or redefine it.

  1. Commitment to Family Values
Good leaders must recognize, embrace and encourage traditional family values.

  1. Commitment to All Mankind Without Prejudice
Leaders need to have care & compassion for all mankind regardless of race or creed. They must value the sanctity of all human life, both the born & unborn, the healthy & disabled. They must show commitment to their fellow man by actively participating in meaningful service to their community. They must understand & be committed to social and environmental responsibility.

  1. Belief in Free Enterprise & Property Rights
Leaders must understand Free Enterprise & Property Rights are two important foundations. Government must encourage, not interfere with, nor over regulate, free enterprise & property rights.

  1. True Humility
Leaders must understand the need to learn & improve and a willingness to take steps to improve themselves.

  1. Practical Experience
People need practical experience related to their field before they are placed into leadership.

  1. Focus
It is too easy to be overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. Everyone cannot do everything hemselves, but individuals who work together with other focused individuals can accomplish what needs to be done.

  1. Commitment to Excellence
We need people who will seek to do the best possible job they can, to the highest standards. If they are good at what they do, it will inspire others to do the same.
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