We Must Impact & Get Involved in All 5 Areas of Influence:

  1. Government - Judicial & Legislative
Every law passed, every judicial decision rendered, has consequences that affect us in some way.
We Need To: Seek to have a Positive Influence on every elected official & judge. Identify good candidates to run for office at every level. Encourage people to become Attorneys & Judges who see that laws of our land are based upon the principles committed to them by our Founding Fathers not by legislative or judicial activists who reinterpret the constitution.

  1. Education
Our educational system was once the best in the world. Many third world counties have passed us academically and put our current system to shame. Our educational system molds our future.
We Need To: Oversee and hold our educational institutions accountable. Develop positive leaders to serve on our School Boards. Be informed & actively involved to have a positive influence on our schools. Develop and encourage people with good character to become the Administrators, Teachers & Coaches in our schools. Prepare quality, rather than “politically correct”, educational materials and textbooks for our schools.

  1. Media - Mass Media, the Internet & Entertainment
Media has perhaps the greatest influence on all of us.
We Need To: Encourage & Endorse media which presents fair & balanced news and avoid those which do not. Encourage & Endorse entertainment media with good moral values. Encourage & support advertisers who advertize on good programming. Boycott advertisers who support programs contrary to good values. Prepare & encourage people to occupationally enter the Media & Entertainment industry to have a positive influence.

  1. Religion
Religion once provided a moral compass for our society. The overwhelming majority of our Founding Fathers were men of faith committed to Biblical moral principles. Many Clergy have replaced the Bible with human wisdom or their own standard of morality. Religion, and its moral principles are being pushed out of our society by a vocal anti-religious minority. Our Constitution provides religious freedom and freedom of speech. We need to get back to the Judeo-Christian principles our country was founded on.
We Need To: Attend Houses of Worship that stay true to their traditional roots. Encourage & support ministries which hold to good moral values. Develop leaders among Clergy & Laity who put God, and His revealed Word and His absolutes first. Encourage Clergy to fulfill their role to watch, warn and influence society. Encourage & support educational institutions that hold to good moral principles and prepare people for positive ministry.

  1. Family
Family is one of the most important institutions in a healthy society yet families are falling apart at an alarming rate and it is hurting individuals and America deeply.
We Need To: Recognize marriage consists only as a union between a man & woman who make a lifelong commitment to each other before God & man. Help people learn how to make a marriage & family work. Help people see the education of their children is their responsibility, not government's. If they choose to delegate the education of their children, it is still their responsibility. The state shall remain accountable to them. While social, non-sexual partnerships may be beneficial to some, they are not families and should not be granted special status.
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